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AAAA-Silver Division Rules 2014

LGCS Game Rules


LGCS AAAA Division Game Rules

14-u (AAAA Silver) and 12-u (AAAA Teal) Divisions will adopt the below interleague rules without exceptions.


These local rules are adopted for Inter-league recreational play.  The inter-league games further adopt the general Official Rules of Softball published by the ASA for Junior Olympic girl’s fast pitch.  In addition, the inter-league has agreed:


Start time: within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time (based on field availability).

Home team is responsible for notifying the visiting team of postponements or unplayable field conditions.    If a game is postponed, rescheduling is the responsibility of the home team.

Home team takes the third base dugout and is responsible for preparing the field before

each game and maintains the official scorebook for the game.

Only players, managers, coaches and scorekeepers are permitted to occupy the player benches.


Local Rules for 12-U & 14-u Division [Any 12-u rule differences are noted for each.]


14u-1. Games may be played with as few as 8 players in a line-up.  No out is taken for the 9th spot in the batting order (No ASA Short Hand Rule applied).

14u-2. Nine players are allowed on defense, six infielders and three outfielders on the grass. [For 12-u, ten players are allowed on defense, six infielders and four outfielders on the grass.]

14u-3. Players may be openly substituted in the defense without limitation.  Umpires do not record defensive changes but must receive a line-up from each team that shows the batting line-up and pitching and catching assignments.

14u-4. All players on the team are in the batting order. Players appear anywhere in the batting order determined at the beginning of the game regardless of whether the player is a starting defensive player or a substitute.

14u-5. If a player arrives after the game has begun, add her to the bottom of the order (exception: late arriving player whose first turn at bat has not passed).  If a player leaves the game early, skip her at bat without penalty.  In either case, the umpire and opposing team must be notified prior to the added or missing player’s at bat.

14u-6. A half inning ends when the defensive team achieves three outs, or if during the first three innings, the offensive team scores four runs.

14u-7. If the visiting team is losing by 13 or more after their at bat in the fourth inning, or any subsequent inning, the Mercy Rule is invoked. Conversely if the home team is losing by 13 or more runs after completion of their at bat in the fourth inning, or any subsequent inning, the Mercy Rule is invoked.

14u-8. 14-u games are played for seven (7) innings or until the playing time limit of 1 hour 40 minutes.  12-u games are played for six (6) innings or until the playing time limit of 1 hour 40 minutes.  Once the game playing time has passed the time limit, no new inning may begin. Ties are allowed.  [LGSGSA does NOT enforce a drop-dead time.]

14u-9. 14-u pitching distance is 43 feet and 12-u pitching distance is 40 feet.

14u-10. 14-u pitchers are not inning limited, but the coaches should endeavor to provide the opportunity to those girls who want to pitch and are capable of doing so. 

LGSGSA 12-u rule: No player shall pitch more than twenty one (21) outs or seven (7) innings per week.  As used herein, a “week” commences after the last official league game in this age division on Saturday and ends at the end of the last official game the following Saturday.  Any inning in which a player throws a single pitch to a batter in the batters’ box after the Umpire has called for play to commence constitutes an inning pitched for purposes of this rule.  This rule assumes no more than 2 games occur in one week.  Should a rescheduling of games result in more than 2 games being played in a week, the out and inning limitation shall be applied to the first two games and no pitcher may pitch more than ½ of the third game regardless of their weekly eligibility status remaining after the first two games.

14u-11. A pitcher must be removed if she unavoidably hits 3 batters in the course of an inning.  She may return to pitch in later innings, but if she hits another batter that pitcher must be relieved from pitching for the remainder of the game.

14u-12. Home field rules are observed regarding game duration (hard-stops) and other rules specific to the location. These rules should be identified at game time.

14u-13. Courtesy runners are allowed as substitutions for the next inning’s pitcher and/or catcher.  The courtesy runner must be announced prior to the substitution and must be the player in the dugout who is least likely to come to bat that inning (bottom of the batting order at the start of the inning).

14u-14. Injured players, no longer able to play, will be treated as if they had to leave the game early- no out shall be automatically taken.  An injured player may reenter the game upon agreement of the opposing Managers and the umpire(s).  An injured batter/runner may be substituted with a Courtesy Runner (see 14u-13).

14u-15. Bats must have the ASA certification mark.

14u-16. Metal cleats are not allowed.

14u-17. Loaned players may be used to prevent forfeits, not alter competition. 

Loaned players must bat at the end of the lineup, after all rostered players.

With the exception of pitcher and catcher, no rostered player shall be on the bench when a loaned player is on the field. (Example: 9 roster players present, but no pitcher or catcher among them, a loaned pitcher and catcher could be on the field with up to 2 rostered players on the bench)

A loaned player may not pitch if a rostered #1 or #2 pitcher is available.

If a rostered player arrives unexpectedly, or after the lineups are turned in to the umpire, they must be inserted defensively immediately after warming up, and at the end of the batting order. If this results in more than 9 players present, the loaned players are allowed to play subject to (b) and (c) above.

The use of loaned players shall not result in more than 9 players in the lineup, with the exception of case (d) above.

14u-18. For player safety, players should not chase balls down hills or into playground areas. This requires special ground rules at each facility.

At Blossom Hill any ball which rolls into the tan bark is a ground rule double. Any ball hit on the fly to the tan bark or reaching the black top in the air or roll is a home run.

At Foothill any ball which passes the crest of the hill is a home run. Passing the crest means any ball which the umpire loses site of from home plate.