Thank you for registering your daughter for the 2022 LGCS Spring Rec Softball Season, we are looking forward to a great year of Softball!!!

Now that registration is completed, we are hard at work preparing for evaluations for the older divisions and with team formation for all divisions!    As we prepare for the season, I wanted to reach out and share some key dates with everyone for the coming season as well as something you can do to get your player ready for the coming season.

Key Dates

11/15/21 -Mon Registration Opened
12/15/21 – Wed Early Registration Drawing Eligibility Ended
1/16/22 – Sun Registration Closed
1/29/22 – Sat AAA/AAAA division evaluation day (Foothill Main)
Week of 1/31/22 Team Formation Completed
2/5/22 – Sat Coaches Meeting

  • Rules Review
  • Rosters Distributed
  • Team Names & Colors Selected
Week of 2/7/22 Practices Commence
3/5/22 – Sat Opening Day (First games all location/divisions)
TBD Picture Day (Foothill Park – All divisions, All teams)
4/16/22 – Sat Softball Appreciation Day (All games at Foothill)
5/7/22 – Sat Final regular-season games (All divisions)


While your head coach will share more information about practices, games, fields, etc… in your team meeting once teams are formed, one thing you can do is check your player’s equipment to make sure they are ready for the coming season.  As a reminder, all players will need the following gear/equipment:

  • Cleats – Each player should have a pair of softball or baseball cleats.  Playing in tennis shoes is not ideal and can lead to injuries as they do not provide adequate traction, so please get cleats for your player before the season starts. Please note that no metal cleats are allowed at any age level in LGCS!!
  • Softball Pants – Each player should have at least one pair of black softball/baseball pants.
  • Glove – Each player will need their own fielding glove.  We strongly recommend you get a softball glove as baseball gloves are sized differently and not ideal for fastpitch softball!
  • Batting Helmet with Face Guard – Each player needs their own batting helmet that fits well and is equipped with a faceguard.  A baseball helmet that does not have a faceguard is not acceptable, their batting helmet must have a faceguard.
  • Bat – Each player should have their own bat that is free from cracks or dents and which has a grip in good shape.  Please be sure to get them a fastpitch softball bat as slowpitch softball bats of baseball bats are designed differently and will not hold up.
  • Fielding Mask – The league strongly recommends each player have a fielding mask to wear when playing in the field on defense. Please note that a fielding mask is actually required if a player wants to play the pitchers’ position by league rules.

Any of the items above can be purchased at most sporting goods stores including Sports Basement, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Charlie Rose Baseball, etc.  If you have any questions on the equipment needed or on advice for your specific player, please feel free to reach out to me or any member of the Board, or you can reach out to your head coach once teams are formed and they should be able to provide advice on equipment.

Again, we want to thank you for registering for the Spring Rec Season of LGCS Fastpitch Softball!  We are looking forward to getting things going in the next two weeks, so stay tuned!!


Herb Cross

LGCS Co-President