What is "Magic"?

Magic is a competitive fastpitch tournament team program offered by LGCS Girls Softball for summer and fall season play.  All participants on Magic teams are selected from kids that play in our rec program.  Magic teams play competitive softball in weekend tournaments throughout the summer.  Tournaments start in late May upon the conclusion of our rec season.  Players develop new skills and take their skills and talent to a new level.  Great friendships, enduring memories, and plenty of great softball await our Magic teams each season.

When Are the Magic Seasons?

Magic summer player evaluation events are scheduled for the last weekend in April and first weekend of May.  The first tournament is typically played over Memorial Day weekend. Most teams will play in 3 - 6 tournaments total with lots of additional "friendlies" throughout the year.  Magic teams are reformed in late August for fall season play with the highlight being LGCS's Alexis Briski Memorial Tournament each October.  Fall teams play in fewer tournaments and typically only practice 1-2 times each week with the season ending in early November.

What Are the Tournaments Like?

Most tournaments are in the Bay Area, although teams often go to one or two "away" tournaments in places such as Napa, San Luis Obispo, or Lake Tahoe — and those away tournaments are historically the most memorable.  Teams may also qualify for regional or national tournaments in locations throughout the western United States.  Weekend tournaments usually involve three pool games on Saturday and then Sunday is single elimination — keep winning, and you could play three+ games on Sunday into the afternoon. Some tournaments might require a game on Friday evening.

What Are the Rules?

The tournaments use USA Softball fastpitch rules. For the most part, the 12U players are already using these rules during LGCS rec league games.  But there are important exceptions —USA Softball doesn't use "continuous batting," there are no minimum playing-time rules, and there are no per-inning run limits. For the 10U division, there is no "coach pitch" — 4 balls is a walk.  At 8U, stealing bases is allowed.

Is There an 8U Magic Program?

Yes, there is an 8U Magic program!  8U teams typically play 3-4 summer tournaments, and the intensity level isn't quite the same as that of the older age groups, but it is a great introduction to competitive softball.

What Are the Costs?

Typical costs are $350 - $600 per player at most levels.  8U, because there are typically fewer tournaments, is on the lower end.  This fee does not cover the cost of uniforms, travel expenses, or personal equipment (such as personalized Magic gear including equipment bags, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.).  Financial assistance is available.

How Big of a Commitment Is Magic?

Most summer teams have two mid-week practices and two weekend practices (or a two-day tournament). It is expected that Magic is the player's highest priority extra-curricular activity during the summer season. Girls who miss practices may get less playing time at the tournaments. However, summer is summer, and it is expected that girls will miss practice to accommodate vacation or other family commitments — just let us know your player's availability at signup.