AAAA Division Rules

2023 Interleague Committee Rules for 12U and 14U Division Games

Our AAAA Division participates in an interleague schedule, competing against teams from the South Bay Area and up the Peninsula. Rules are maintained by the interleague committee.

These local rules are adopted for interleague recreational play. The interleague games further adopt the general Official Rules of Softball published by USA Softball for Junior Olympic girl’s fast pitch. In addition, the interleague has agreed:

● Start time: within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time (based on field availability).
● Home team is responsible for notifying the visiting team of postponements or unplayable field conditions. If a
game is postponed, rescheduling is the responsibility of the home team.
● Home team takes the third base dugout and is responsible for preparing the field before each game and
maintains the official scorebook for the game.
● Only players, managers, coaches and scorekeepers are permitted to occupy the player benches.

Local Rules for 14U & 12U Division Play [Any 12U rule differences are noted for each.]