Hey Fabulous LGCS Families,

Come out and support local College Softball this season…

Gain valuable experience, see how college players practice, experience elite level softball in action, enjoy the ambiance and food at a local Collegiate Softball game, it will not disappoint!

Below are links to 5 ‘local/bay area’ university softball program schedules, we hope that you can find a game that works for you and your daughter(s), GO, and experience the great game of softball !!!  Navigate to your favorite and click on the tickets link on each page to buy tickets to the games.

West Valley College (WVC) Vikings       https://athletics.westvalley.edu/sports/sball/2022-23/schedule

Stanford Cardinal                                      https://gostanford.com/sports/softball/schedule/2023

San Jose State Spartans                           https://sjsuspartans.com/sports/softball/schedule/2023

Cal Bears (UC Berkeley)                          https://calbears.com/sports/softball/schedule/2022-23

Santa Clara Broncos                                 https://www.santaclarabroncos.com/sports/w-softbl/2022-23/schedule

Most of these universities offer a ‘Kids Club’ season ticket purchase package for only $40, allows the kiddos to get out and watch the games all season at a low price point.  For example: Stanford’s Kids Club site can be found using this link

Look forward to seeing all LGCS families gain valuable experience watching college games this season.

Stay tuned for our LGCS College Game night event, TBD.

Go LGCS — Home of the Magic !!!