October 14-15, 2023

Foothill Elementary Softball Fields
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Alexis Briski Memorial Tournament 2019

By LGCS Girls Softball | October 9, 2019

The annual Alexis Briski Memorial Tournament was held on October 5 & 6, 2019. Thank you to everyone that helped make this special weekend possible! And congratulations to our winners! 14U Gold Champions – South San Jose Quicksilver Runners-Up – San Lorenzo Heat 14U Silver Champions – Mavericks Runners-Up – Pleasanton Phantom 12B Gold Champions…

About Alexis

A blog post about Alexis written by friend and former Magic player, Ashley, in 2019 while playing for NYU Softball


Dear Alexis, today I am playing for you.

I don’t remember when I met Alexis, but I know that I will never forget her. Alexis Briski was a friend and teammate of mine who was diagnosed with a childhood bone cancer known as osteosarcoma when she was 10 years old. She fought cancer with so much grace and strength but ultimately, the disease was too much for her body. A few weeks shy of her 12th birthday, Alexis peacefully left this earth.

Alexis was a great Softball player. She was a natural pitcher. I loved being on her team because it meant I didn’t have to face her in games. She was an equally strong hitter and offensive player. Talk about a double threat. She played the game with such grace. Every time she stepped on the field you could feel it, her spirit and charisma were contagious.

Beyond her skills, Alexis was an exceptional teammate and friend. She was extremely kind, funny, and smart. Whenever my mind wanders and I think of her, I remember a specific memory, and I think it perfectly encapsulates the joy she brought to my world. Myself, Alexis and our teammate Devin were sitting in the dugout at Foothill Elementary before practice. I had just gotten a Razr cell phone, and I was buying my first ringtone. The three of us were going through the options, singing and dancing along. Ultimately, they were helping me decide between Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne and Umbrella by Rihanna. It was a tough choice. With absolutely nothing holding her back, Alexis began interpretive dancing to Umbrella and it left Devin and I in a laughing fit on the ground.

Ashley far left; Alexis Center in Teal

Alexis loved Softball so much, and she never had the opportunity to play in high school or college. And that is something that it is still not fair, no matter how many years have passed. Not a day goes by where I step on the field and don’t think of her. She was a force to be reckoned with. A fierce competitor. And a dear friend. I wish you could still be playing the game that you love down here on with me.

Thank you for being an example of true strength. Life is fleeting, I learned to never let it slip by because of you. I miss you always and will continue to play for you through my last game. Also, thank you, Kael Briski, for coming to my games this weekend, I hope that my team and I can honor her memory properly.

Hey, hey, hey number three!
We got our eyes on you and what we like most of all, it is the way you hit that ball.
The way you smack that ball.
The way you creme that yellow green ball.
I said tattoo that ball.
I said tattoo that yellow-green ball.


Sincerely, Ashley

Retiring Magic #3


In a lasting tribute to Alexis, LGCS Magic presented the Briski family with a “Briski 3” jersey in honor of Alexis along with the news that we have retired her jersey number from Magic.

The back of the frame was signed by all of the Fall 2019 Magic players.