Hey LGCS Parents,

Save the date, as a ‘Volunteer Non-Profit Softball League’ we need your volunteer help to work on maintenance/upkeep prior to the Spring Rec season at our three fields at Foothill Elementary School on Jan 21, 2023 between 9am – 3pm.

Bring your work gloves, shovels, rakes, weed removal tools and help us with the following improvement items:

  • Spike Drag & Level all 3 fields
  • Remove Weeds on the infields at all three fields
  • Edge the Outfield grass at all three fields
  • Replace the Home Plates at the A & AA upper fields
  • Organize the Foothill Main ‘Field Shed’ & Equipment Sheds
  • Remove the metal boxes in the Main field dugouts & dispose of metal material
  • Dugouts: Hang Bat Holders to six dugouts; Hang Home / Visitor signs on the dugouts
  • Add eye hooks for assisting with chalking baselines to the fences at all three fields
  • Trim trees overhanging the Snack Shack
  • Seal the fan on top of the Snack Shack
  • Ensure all 3 fields have bases, box template, and field prep tools (dig tool, string line reel, base plugs) in their job-boxes

Time & Material permitting (may be another weekend)

  • Add Pitching Mound in ground mounts to the 6U & 8U fields at Foothill
  • Spread new Dirt Fines at all three fields
  • Lift/Move/Dispose of Refrigerator onto trailer behind Snack Shack

Working this event will earn hours towards your LGCS Spring Rec volunteer buyout commitment (need >=4 hours total over the season at a league function/event).

Please RSVP/register your time at the following Signup Genius link which will be verified on the day of at the Field Workday:


Look forward to your volunteer help and making our fields beautiful!