Teams will take their official team and individual photos on Sunday, March 15th at Foothill Park (the small park on Seaton Ave. at Foothill Elementary). Each player receives a COMPLIMENTARY Image Mate (a custom 8×10 print with both a team and an individual photo) as part of their registration, but you must fill out an order form to receive it. Coaches will pass out paper order forms this week and inform you of your team’s photo day time slot.

LGCS Girls Softball
Sunday, March 15th
At Foothill Park

An Amazing photo of your child is priceless!


Click the Link Above to Order Photos or:


SELECT “Order Before Photo Day”

ENTER Prepay Access Code sc21020

(expires midnight on Photo Day)

Receive 2 FREE 4×6 prints with online orders of $35+

PRINT AND BRING your Online Order Confirmation to Photo Day!



If you want to attend Make-up Day but have not signed up with Shooting Stars yet, use the link below by Wednesday before Photo Day, at 5PM!

Click Here to RESCHEDULE

IMPORTANT!  Shooting Stars employees are required by California State Law to take a lunch break during a specified time period. Please ensure you arrive on time — late teams will be rescheduled based on availability or moved to Make-up Day. Thank you for understanding!